Who has inspired me the most

As you can see from above Lana Del Rey has always been a huge influence of mine. Have always loved her poetic lyrics, slack style of singing, vintage tone paired with modern hiphop elements. Her music definitely inspires my songwriting and production approach.

Have aways loved the energy that Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus bring to their songs. A raw unapologetic voice is a fav of mine so I always like adding a bit of that to my songs, as it's a natural go-to for my voice. I think my style of singing originated from artists like Alanis MorrisetteAvril Lavigne and bands like The Cranberries growing up, where woman had big voices and big songs.

I also love how Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus have continuously changed throughout their pop career, something I aspire too.

Vocals and emotion from Jeff Buckley, Mazzy Star, Kurt Cobain and Radiohead. Love how they really make you feel what they're singing. That's always been important. if there's no emotion there's no song.

Frank Oceans production style is a huge love of mine, because he never skimps on the emotion either. very Important and he never fails to keep it interesting. 

Definitely like having an eclectic style, but I'd say the most important thing to me when writing a song is having the emotion come through. You always gotta have a vibe and really lean into it.

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