Who has inspired me the most



TAMS/N OTWAY always strives for a unique sound that's authentic to her own mood while working on her music.

As for an influencer of production and style, Lana Del Rey has been at the top.

The juxtaposition between modern and vintage sounds filled with romantic vocals and poetic lyrics. 

Lana has a great way of creating a world and a story that anyone can relate too, no matter how abstract.

Frank Oceans & Lana Del Rey are the main production style influencers. Perfect balance between vintage and modern. 

TAMS/N has always connected with the raw vocals of Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, a mix between a theatric and soulful belt with smooth creamy Lana tones are a good description of TAMS/N's voice.

With early influences like Alanis MorrisetteAvril Lavigne and The Cranberries it seems fitting to be inspired by the modern versions too.


Re-invention is a massive part of TAMS/N's style. Struggling with mental health and societal pressures of fitting into a box. TAMS/N prefers to experiment and change within the genre of Pop, just like ICONS Cher, Gaga and Cyrus.

Enchanting moods and vocals by Jeff Buckley, Mazzy Star, Kurt Cobain and Radiohead play a big part within TAMS/N's songs. Drawing from that raw realness the greats have given us,

Although TAMS/N has her influences, she always strives for her own unique style and is very meticulous about the final vibe of each of her songs.