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Melbourne singer-songwriter TAMS/N OTWAY’s latest single Audacity is a playful take on TAMS/N’s experiences with misogyny.


Laced with pop culture references, TAMS/N draws 'Audacity's sound from the early 2000’s. The track features ad-libs that pay homage to Elle Woods of Legally Blonde, who in TAMS/N’s words is, “an absolute ICON of our generation.”


“The song is actually inspired by Britney Spears and her current situation with the conservatorship.

The lyric "we know that you're toxic" is a homage to her hit "Toxic". 

I wanted to play into the current rise of the noughties, which is taking back the power of bimbofication.”

TAMS/N’s juxtaposes her delicate vocal delivery with strong, empowering lyrics, recalling the power-pop of Marina and The Diamonds and Ava Max. 'Audacity' features smooth, reverb-drenched guitar, with sparkly hi-hats that give the track some trap flavour.

TAMS/N explains the meaning of 'Audacity,'

“It's poking fun at the mansplainers, the guys who think their opinions are the most important in the room, the ones who constantly condescend and belittle the people around them.

This is for the toxic ones...we all know a few…"



"TAMS/N OTWAY summons you to a mellow tropical paradise with her new single YOU. Buoyant and breezy in nature, YOU bears influence of early 2000s pop, yet establishes itself as a dream-pop shift with TAMS/N's moody vocals. 


Flirty and escapist themes echo throughout TAMS/N's newest release, and reminds its listeners of that heart-in-the-throat sensation when a little crush develops into something more - for better or worse. 


With catchy lyrics and a playfully recognisable chorus, YOU positions itself to be a crowd favourite."

Words by: Caroline O'Brien

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 5.11.40 pm.png

I'm Alright

"There's a bittersweet atmosphere of nostalgia beneath TAMS/N's newest anthemic dream-pop release. With a glimpse of power that'll keep you coming back.


TAMS/N's trademark vocals take the lead in 'I'm Alright', while layers of wavy electronics transport its listeners to a watery atmosphere...

Picture it: poolside, golden hour, on the other side of heartbreak, but you know that 'I'm Alright'

Words by: Caroline O'Brien

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