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You (Lucky West Remix)


"TAMS/N OTWAY summons you to a mellow tropical paradise with her new single YOU. Buoyant and breezy in nature, YOU bears influence of early 2000s pop, yet establishes itself as a dream-pop shift with TAMS/N's moody vocals. 


Flirty and escapist themes echo throughout TAMS/N's newest release, and reminds its listeners of that heart-in-the-throat sensation when a little crush develops into something more - for better or worse. 


With catchy lyrics and a playfully recognisable chorus, YOU positions itself to be a crowd favourite."

Words by: Caroline O'Brien

I'm Alright

"There's a bittersweet atmosphere of nostalgia beneath TAMS/N's newest anthemic dream-pop release. With a glimpse of power that'll keep you coming back.


TAMS/N's trademark vocals take the lead in 'I'm Alright', while layers of wavy electronics transport its listeners to a watery atmosphere...

Picture it: poolside, golden hour, on the other side of heartbreak, but you know that 'I'm Alright'

Words by: Caroline O'Brien